June 11, 2013

Welcome to the new Digs….

Year 2013 is kicking off with a bang for Carli.   Introduction of the Ford Super Duty Leveling Kits has yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback, while we have been honing our CAD software skills on the new Ford Radius Arms (sneak a peak of these bad boys on an upcoming blog installment).    The Dodge shock tunes continue to get small tweaks on our never ending quest for a “do-it-all-and-do-it-well” package.   The new “Commuter” Systems are hitting the highways, designed and intended for the guys and gals that never let their rigs leave the asphalt and are only concerned with extracting as much ride quality as they can from their daily driven pavement pounders… and this kit delivers just that.  

The biggest change for Carli has been our jump to a larger facility in the middle of Corona, California.   Nestled between thousands of Industrial buildings, Carli is now neighbors with Currie Enterprises, Fender Musical Instruments, Monster Energy, Lexani Wheels, Famous Stars & Straps, and more boat manufacturers than a Summer Regata at Lake Havasu.   The decision to occupy 18,000 square feet of warehousing and fabrication areas was made quick when we realized we could service our customer’s orders more expeditiously and with larger volume.   The newfound real estate opened up bottle necks, gave us vast room for shelving to stock more product, and allowed the expansion of our welding and shipping departments.  We have doubled our staffing in our warehouse to ensure orders are processed and fulfilled in quick fashion. 

Something to note is that Carli Suspension doesn’t buy magazine ads or sponsor events to promote our product.   The likely reason you found yourself here is because you heard of us being mentioned by a friend, colleague, family member, or group affiliate.   The reputation we earned over the years for delivering outstanding product and customer service has been garnered via word-of-mouth, which is pretty darn amazing.   This is what drives us to continue improving everything we do.   Carli was founded and built around the customer and their feedback; our success is the direct result of our commitment to quality and your desire for it, and we appreciate every single one of you for taking the time to look at what we have to offer.  
From specially tuned shocks to custom-built leaf springs, Carli has your truck covered.   There’s pretty much no type of project we haven’t tackled, be it a full race truck, a Camper-equipped HD Dodge with a full time position as Expeditionary Outpost Alpha, or a Daily driver for a retired couple with recent back surgery’s whom desperately want to take their truck across the country on a road trip without sending them back to physical therapy.   The more information we have about your particular needs and goals, the closer we can get your truck the way you always thought it should have been in the first place.  

Keep an eye out for more projects, news, and announcements coming down the pipeline.    We're going to have your head spinning shortly....